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Silent Partners Audiobook PREVIEW

Read by William Sterling

Featuring Tahnee Harrison as Nicole 

& William Sterling as Zack




Zack Raskin is a carefree UCLA medical student who has 

the night of his dreams with beautiful pop star Nicole Branson 

after her concert in Hollywood. It is a dramatic encounter that changes his life in ways that he could have never imagined. 

When tragedy suddenly strikes, Zack is thrust into a mystery that 

not only threatens his personal safety, but his mental stability.  

SILENT PARTNERS is a genre-bending 

forensic mystery and love story for mature readers.

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“Tom Blomquist’s SILENT PARTNERS is a masterpiece of a thriller with  a rich fabric woven from many strands. There’s the black thread of noir  that is braided with silver thread of contemporary pop culture. There’s  the occult thread that can be traced back to exorcism. There’s the  Hitchcock thread with its Freudian filaments. There’s the medical thread  that displays Blomquist’s knowledge of  medical terms and procedures in incredible detail. Out of these threads  Blomquist creates a tapestry punctuated with the sites and sounds of Los  Angeles. Popping out of this tapestry are his carefully honed  characters, each richly detailed and as authentic as their dialogue. 

Most important of all is Blomquist’s masterful plotting of a devious  tale. Was that death an accident or a murder? Did that person really  come back from the dead? Blomquist’s deft touch makes the reading go  quickly and, once you are on track with the hero, you are drawn  inexorably to read to the end. When I finished, I was totally exhausted  but supremely satisfied. And then it hit me, this novel cries out to be  made into a film. Well played, Mr. Blomquist, well played.” 

Craig Smith, Ph.D. 

Educator and Author of Herod From Hell 

and Confessions of a Presidential Speechwriter

"Wow!  What a page turner. Adventure and surprise throughout the book!  Once  you start reading, it is difficult to put down. Blomquist is an  excellent writer and this is an excellent read!" 

Sam L. Amirante

Criminal Defense Attorney , Former Judge 

and Author of John Wayne Gacy: Defending  A Monster

"The warm celebrity spotlight soon turns cold in Tom Blomquist's 

chilly thriller, SILENT PARTNERS. Set against the backdrop of a 

perfectly described LA, Blomquist takes us on a journey like no other: a kaleidoscopic work of celebrity, crime, and controversy swirling around pop culture, social media, and the way they intertwine. Dark alleys, drugs, crime, rock and roll...throw a mega celebrity into the mix and you have the makings of a "can't put it down" summer read! Congratulations Tom Blomquist!" 

Bella Shaw

Former CNN Anchor and TV Host

"A fantastic novel. Loved every page! Great characters and great twists. Very well done. Can’t wait for the next one.” 

James Carroll Jordan 

Author of The God Squad, The  Adventures of Harry East, 

and Mark Twain Out West

“Tom Blomquist has crafted a wonderfully engaging story, a fantastic maze of murder, mystery, deception, illusion and madness. There’s no way to get ahead of the curve in this story. The moment you think you have it figured out, another dark turn twists you around. The fulfillment of a young man’s fantasy sends him pell mell into a world that soon spirals outside the bounds of reality. The adventure soon turns inward as he battles not just the people trying to kill him, but the demons that run free in his own mind. He could step away from it at any moment if it weren’t for his conviction that true love is worth facing death. And beyond, if necessary. SILENT PARTNERS is compelling binge reading material. You won’t need a bookmark; you won’t be putting it down.”  

Steven L. Sears 

Screenwriter-Producer and Author of Stalag X, Xena-Warrior Princess, and The Non-User-Friendly Guide For Aspiring TV Writers 

 “Wow, what a great read SILENT PARTNERS is. A real digital page-turner!”  

Jean Ashton 

TV Host & Media Critic, Author of Fuzzy Warm Sleep  Dorm

"SILENT PARTNERS is a riveting tale that swiftly pulls you into the maverick mind of Zack, a brilliant yet fearless protagonist. Then -- just a few pages in, you’re totally immersed, reading at a fast pace, turning page after page without delay. Each chapter reveals a surprising twist that compels you to keep reading to unveil the next clue.

Tom Blomquist is a master storyteller with an exceptional gift of weaving his  unequivocal research throughout the pages to provide essential insight into the characters’ actions. Zack’s struggles with reality held my unwavering attention until my own sad reality revealed there were no more pages to turn."

Patricia Ann Ledford

Author of  Strings: The Story of Hope

“Was Zack a complete nut job or just the cleverest of mystery heroes? SILENT PARTNERS is a captivating read, first page to last. With delicious twists and turns along the way, and a major bombshell ending, the story of Zack and Nicole unfolds at an unparalleled pace. A different kind of mystery, with unique style and rich craftsmanship. The L.A. community knows Tom Blomquist from movies and television, but this is his first novel, and it's a beauty."

Leo Gher

Art Critic and Author of Fire & Wind and 

Moynihan's Journey: And the Clash of Civilizations

“Hollywood’s celebrity music scene is the detailed backdrop for Tom Blomquist’s compelling mystery novel SILENT PARTNERS. A young medical student’s romance with a pop superstar launches the story into a labyrinth of twists and turns that take us to some most unexpected places. Add to that a predatory national media that perfectly reflects the tabloid-driven “Fake News” era in which we live, and you have a book that will engage you on every level.”

Bruce Scafe

Co-Creator and Former Director of Austin City Limits

“Tom Blomquist's SILENT PARTNERS is a great read. It moves at breakneck speed that never lets up and never allows the reader to get bored. Plot twists abound and just when you think the story is going in one direction it switches and you're going completely in another. The ending at the Century Plaza hotel was a page turner that kept me on the edge of my seat. I can't wait for Blomquist's next novel.”

Jack Tucker 

Editor of Shogun and Winds of War, 

Author of Twilight for the Gods

"As a 20-year licensed private detective, SILENT PARTNERS held my interest start to stunning plot twist finish. Rich color and vivid detail added both depth and dimension to character and situational authenticity. I truly enjoyed it!”

Paul A Schroeder, Jr. 

Private Investigator 

“Tom Blomquist’s experience as the writer of popular network 

television drama series is apparent throughout his novel SILENT PARTNERS. His engaging lead character takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of intense emotions and unexpected plot twists. The resulting forensic mystery is highly satisfying!” 

Armin Shimerman

Author of The 34th Rule, Capitol Offense, 

The Merchant Prince, Outrageous Fortune 

"Prose reminiscent of Dean Koontz. A plot to rival the best of 

Stephen King's. And a twist ending that you'd expect from 

Paula Hawkins. Put all this together between a cover and a 

backflap, and you have SILENT PARTNERS -- a killer first novel 

that is pure Tom Blomquist. Could not put it down."

J. Buckner Ford

Author of River Of No Return

"A great first novel!! Great crime drama!!"

Roger Badesch

WGN Radio, Chicago

“I just finished reading SILENT PARTNERS.  It was thoroughly exciting and spellbinding. I congratulate you on this  book. I know it will be a great success.” 

 Nicholas T. Pomaro

Former Prosecutor and Judge

“I always sensed that Tom had a novel inside of him ready to explode  and now it’s here: SILENT PARTNERS, an original, tense, gripping mystery and love story. A real cliffhanger! So, if I were you I’d cozy down, pour a stiff one (you’re going to need it) and treat yourself to Tom Blomquist’s SILENT PARTNERS.”

Jim Byrnes

Screenwriter & Producer of Shadow Riders, The Gambler, How The West Was Won, The Sackets, and Author of Heller

 "Grief in novels can be so impersonal. In SILENT PARTNERS Tom Blomquist shows Zack’s grief in a very unique light and it’s totally believable. I’ve seen loss in my work but because I’m a closet romantic, I adore Zack’s journey in the book from being a medical student/EMT firmly entrenched in medicine to a man increasingly unable to let go of the woman he loves. In the process Blomquist got the medical and psychological details of his story exactly right, which I appreciate. A  great novel." 

Paula Belfield


SILENT PARTNERS is absolutely riveting.  Zach and Nicole’s 

story seemed as though it was historical fact, as Tom Blomquist weaves in real places and people with such dexterity that can only come from someone who’s lived and worked in L.A. for as long as he has. At first I had to remind myself that this was a novel. The news releases and TV reports throughout the course of Zach’s relentless, harrowing, nightmarish ordeal created even more realism.  I was drawn into Zach’s head and I was moving through that experience right there with him.  I could NOT put it down.“

Karen Bloom

Radio Personality (Formerly of WBAP, KLUV, KLIF and KSCS Dallas)

“Tom Blomquist has added another notch to his belt: After a successful career as a screenwriter, producer and director, followed by a fulfilling educational career, he’s now grabbed the art of the crime novel by the throat and body slammed it into yet another success. SILENT PARTNERS is an original hybrid of violent crime, suspense, and psychotic mind-twisting. Steeped in the sexy, shadowy side of Los Angeles’ glitz, Blomquist utilizes his experienced screenwriter's penchant for crisp dialogue and idiosyncratic characterization to whip up a concoction that's sure to intrigue and to keep the reader off balance until the last page.” 

 Lisa Di Vita

Author of Shattered Peacock

SILENT PARTNERS is a contemporary LA Noir mystery filled with rich characters and absorbing emotional content. Tom Blomquist deftly weaves an unusual love story through a riveting psychological landscape that somehow manages to draw a new line separating our concept of sanity and insanity.” 

W. Reed Moran 

Educator and Author of Why Plot Never Matters: Telling The Screen Stories In Your Heart

"SILENT PARTNERS by Tom Blomquist has at its core an intriguing combination of mortal danger and magical innocence only the young in this well-executed novel can experience equally at the same time. Blomquist knows LA well enough to reveal this odd tilted world where some worship fame like a god. He captures LA's ephemeral beauty as well as showing us the truth of the 'end of the world' where Santa Monica Boulevard leads west to the Pacific Ocean and nothing beyond. His characters live at a fevered pitch like the young do who are obsessed with music as well as the meaning of their own lives.”

Richard Vetere

Author of Champagne, The Writers Afterlife,

 Cocaine, The Third Miracle 

“Combine deft writing with an insider's knowledge of LA's media landscape and you have SILENT PARTNERS. A treat for mystery fans of all stripes.”

Dennis Palumbo 

Author of The Daniel Rinaldi Mysteries 

"Right out of the gate, Tom Blomquist proves to be a master of genre-bending fiction. Move over Carl Hiaasen, there's a new game in town!"

Brennan Klein

Scream 101 Podcast

(Formerly of Blumhouse & Arrow In The Head)


“Sunset isn’t complete without wine and a good murder mystery. Tom Blomquist thanks for the amazing read.”

Ashley Carattini

Author of You Can’t Pee On That!

SILENT PARTNERS is a gritty, fast-paced novel about 

a mystery that will keep you guessing and a love story 

that will occupy my thoughts for quite some time.”

 Saskia Fuckert

Craving Stories


                               Highlights from the novel, starring William Sterling, Tahnee Harrison & John Loprieno    



"SILENT PARTNERS makes you question can you  fall in love in a night? It leaves you questioning, how far you would go  to trust your instincts. This fantastic murder mystery makes me want to shut the world out, enjoy  a glass of wine read page after page!" 

"For all my literary friends, I present SILENT PARTNERS, an intriguing first novel. This tidy twister is also available in audiobook. Enjoy!"

"A must add to your reading list. A great novel by Tom Blomquist. Sensational story line full of surprises. Very entertaining."

"Ranks up there with my favorite fiction writers. Can’t wait for the next one." 

"Just finished today. It was such a good read and an incredible distraction from the world that I needed right now!"


"I bought the audiobook for a blind friend. He loved it. I then put it on one evening just to see if it was really as good as my friend said. It is one of the best narrations of a novel I have heard."

"I just finished reading SILENT PARTNERS. It was fantastic... I really enjoyed the story. Kept me engrossed throughout."

"It’s a great read!!! Full of twists and turns. I’d recommend it."

"A gripping thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time -- and that is a promise!  '5's' across the board on this one!"

"The mystery is as compelling as any that I have read -- and the love story will stay with me for a very long time."

"Tom Blomquist's debut novel, moves at a breathtaking pace, with plot twists  and turns that kept me searching every paragraph for clues. Tom B., the "Midnight Hitman" himself, introduces readers to Zack Raskin, a UCLA  medical student who attends the concert of his dreams, only to have his  life turned inside out with pleasure, passion, possibility, and  ultimately--tragedy."

"… it was gripping, and I couldn’t put it down."

"The story captured me within the first few pages and never lost me. It was detailed, fast paced and creative and treated me like an intelligent reader. It was hard to put down!"

"Loved the book!"

"Silent Partners is crazy good. Can’t wait for the next one." 


"You are personally responsible for the short night of sleep I got last night! I finally put your book down late at night but awoke very early this morning with the need to finish it." 

"There are some big surprises as this mystery unfolds.  I won't spoil it for you,  but this story definitely takes some unexpected directions."

"… it got a grip on me and I could not stop turning pages."

"A terrific, fast-paced read. Hard to put down and full of surprises."


"… love the way you reference surroundings of LA. Makes me feel more  connected to the characters because I can picture all of these places in  my head."

"It was like taking a tour of LA and reading WebMD at the same time. I read over half of it in one sitting."

"What a fun read!"

"I read a lot of mysteries and SILENT PARTNERS is among the best I've found. The characters are so real I felt as if I know them personally and the plot is highly original and entertaining!

"... a wonderful light touch that makes the reading go like a knife through warm butter."

"A clever mystery with good pacing and suspense. I especially liked the  Griffith Park Observatory scenes and the Century Plaza Hotel sequence and ending."

"... as good as any Grisham novel."

"What a fabulous read!  Couldn't put it down until I finished it. Now my eyes hurt!"

"This book had me from the first. I did not expect it to go the way it did. The twist and turns keep you engaged. Awesome job."

"… an unbelievably wonderful book."

"I loved it!!!! I love mysteries... I wish you many more. And I'll be reading them."

"We had our book club meeting tonight and everyone really liked the book!"

"After  grabbing you, the book MUST be finished! Every time I thought it would  end another twist appeared. Great read and so different than much that  is out there."

"Totally captivated my interest from the get go and couldn't put it down! Great story line and ending!"

"A terrific new voice in the L.A. mystery genre with added supernatural angle. Fast moving, well plotted, lots of twists."

"SILENT PARTNERS delves into the synaptic recesses of a young medical  student who can't separate reality from the edge of insanity. The fact  that no one believes him makes him a marked, desperate man."

"… great summer read."

"I could not put it down.  It was full of intrigue, suspense, beauty."

"Crime, insanity, and a paranormal romance. What more could you ask for!"

 "Absolutely loved it!! It will make a fantastic movie!!!"

“I  just finished reading SILENT PARTNERS and if I could come up with a  clever plot, had the ability to develop unique characters, and the patience to spend countless hours pounding out carefully chosen words at  my keyboard, I could write a book, too.  Well done, Tom.”

"I could not stop reading it. You hooked me in right away and it kept my interest until the end."

"... the story line is wonderful and suspenseful all the way through!"

"You need to go get it!!! Do yourself a favor and add this to your summer reading list."

"I cannot describe how much I love this book or how much it affected me.  Zack's relationship with Nicole has touched me on so many levels.  I was absolutely hooked from their memorable first meeting."

"This is a wonderful original story with an amazing ending that I never saw coming. Loved it!"

"I just read SILENT PARTNERS for the second time. It is such a good read that it can be enjoyed again and again. Knowing the outcome doesn't take away from tracing the steps and the effect of the plot is nuanced by the knowledge already obtained in the first reading. Things that had no meaning the first time through now more enlightening. To me that is what makes a novel a huge success.  I hope others get the same feel and make that second read." 

About The Author

Tom Blomquist is an award-winning screenwriter, producer, and director who has been associated with some of America’s most 

popular television programs. He most recently served as Professor of Film and Television Production at California State University, Long Beach. 

SILENT PARTNERS is his first novel.


EYE OF THE STORM: Directing For Film, Television & Emerging Media

Written with Maria Viera, Ph.D. for Kendall Hunt Publishing   



In addition to his entertainment industry career 

Tom Blomquist has taught screenwriting and film production 

at universities in the United States and Europe.



These are some of the many productions on which Tom Blomquist has served as writer, producer, director, or creative executive.